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The Green Party of Ukraine is one of the most oldest in the country. It was founded in the early 1990's and now it’s a well-known political party. The party grew up from the Ukrainian ecological organization “The green world” (1987) and was officially registered on 24 May, 1991. The party was restructured in 1993 to meet the changing realities of the economical transition period. The Green Party of Ukraine has accumulated certain political weight: surveys reflected up to 10% public support for the Greens. But the imperfection of former voting systems (existent until 1997) discriminated against parties' participation in elections and did not allow this support to be converted into the representation in Verkhovna Rada - the Parliament of Ukraine.

Today the Green Party of Ukraine is represented in all regions. The party had a great success during the parliamentary elections in 1998 - 5,5% of votes with 19 deputies in the Parliament. Unfortunately during the elections in 2002 party didn’t get enough votes to cross the 3% barrier. Nevertheless, in several regions of the country, the representatives of The Green Party of Ukraine (about 276 persons total) have been elected to the regional and local governing authorities (councils), highlighting the growing strength of the party.

Ukrainians inherited an anti-ecological and ineffective economical system from the Soviets that ruthlessly exhausted natural resources, damaged wildlife, and influenced human environmental beliefs. Fortunately, many have recognized the importance of ecological priority for humankind's development. The main mission of the Green Party of Ukraine is, therefore, the alteration of ecological attitudes and the reconstruction of the social system to reconcile the growing needs of society with the necessary ecological interests. Particular attention is given to the awareness building of citizens and governmental institutions.

The change in the social system must be prepared in the appropriate political atmosphere. For this reason, Greens have clearly stated their positions concerning the major political issues. The protection of human rights is a perpetual concern for the Greens. By promoting human rights, the Green Party defend the implementation of natural tolerance in human relationships that often are marked with negligence and extremism. As parliamentary party Greens successfully insisted on death penalty abolition in Ukraine.

Ecology, gender equality, renewable energy and opposition to nuclear power remain important campaigning areas for The Green Party of Ukraine.

Solutions for common ecological, social and political problems have to be generated by the insistent efforts of European Greens. In this respect, the Green Party of the Ukraine stands for the enhancement of various connections between the Greens of Europe within the framework of the European Federation of Green parties, within the East-West Green Dialogue particularly.
The Party has been a member of EFGP since January 1994.

Guiding Principles

Greens, as their name indicates, advocate strongly green politics, the green way of life. Green politics or Green ideology is the ideology of the Green Parties approved by time and based on the following principles:
- realization and protection the necessity of harmonizing a human civilization and environment interaction; 
- antimilitarism and nonviolence;
- public life humanization;
- social justice; 
- human rights respect independently of a person's birth and his/her social status;
- sustainability

Our structure 

- The Head of The Green Party of Ukraine
- Political Council 
- Secretariat
- Central Coordination Council 
- Control and Revision Commission

What we are doing

The Green Party of Ukraine conducted an Action of protest against construction of a depository for the nuclear wastes. More than two million signatures were collected during the action "Green ribbon" organized by the Greens.

More than 600 judicial cases on civil rights violation have been initiated by Party of Greens of Ukraine.
Won judicial cases:

- Zaporizhsteel plant were forced to install new cleaning equipments and pay penalties amounting to more than 300 000 Euro for polluting the environment (February, 2007).
- Radar towers with radiation level exceeding allowable standards were removed from the sites by mobile operators (Kyivstar) (December, 2006).
- Law suit against Ministry of Defense their observation towers in Chernihiv (December, 2006).

The Green Party of Ukraine in closed cooperation with well known Human Rights Expert Mr. Semen Gluzman initiated press-conferences in the regions of Ukraine devoted to the following topics: "Human Rights Violation in Ukraine", "AIDS, Tuberculosis and Drugs Prevention, Responsibility and Tolerance" etc.

To make the native cities, towns, villages more beautiful, green and clean Greens pay much attention to solving the problems of waste management and utilization in the country. Storage and utilization of pesticides has been of great concern to PZU since the days of its information. Greens actively participate in greening the country through planting millions of young trees all around Ukraine. 

The Green Party of Ukraine supported creation and development of Unions of Owners of Multi-apartment Buildings. NGOs' activities aim at civil rights protection in the sphere of dwelling legislation and improving the system of dwelling services.

The Green Party of Ukraine initiated the establishment of Eurasia Federation of the Greens (EFG), a green network for implementing and ensuring environmental and social justice, high quality of life for everybody in the region in accordance with the Declaration of Human Rights.

The Green Party of Ukraine has gained an outstanding experience in operating in the Eurasia region and is ready to contribute its infrastructure, contacts and capabilities to the EGF successful activity.

Nowadays The Green Party of Ukraine is active in providing its main principles. Fighting for the future of the whole nations the representatives of the Party took part in the protest in front of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine against the bill 5050, which was supposed to create the centralized repository of the domestic power plants.

The Green Party of Ukraine also protested against the cutting-out pines near the subway station “Darnitsa” in Kyiv. Men and women tied themselves to the trees to show politicians and ordinary citizens the importance of pines and the small “green” areas throughout the city. Almost 400 people sighted the petition to the city head and the Green Party of Ukraine still demands to punish the guilty ones.

Since 24 October, 2009 the Head of the Green Party of Ukraine is Tatyana Kondratyuk, vice-minister of Ukraine for family, youth and sports. On the civil service she is working since 2005: March 2005 – December 2006 – worked as the vice-minister of Ukraine for family, youth and sports, March 2007 – December 2007 – vice-head of Zhytomir regional state administration.



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Vladimir Kosterin, Honorary headman of Green Party of Ukraine:Ecological economics – a pledge of human survlval

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